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Samsung Smart Switch

Download Samsung Smart Switch for Pc {Latest Verison Download for Free}:

Samsung Smart Switch is the latest PC suite for Galaxy smartphones. This is the updated version of Samsung Kies 3.0. Some devices such as Galaxy J5, J7 etc are compatible with Samsung Smart switch PC suite. The size of the download is around 40MB.  Samsung Smart Switch is available for smartphone as well as PC.  

This PC suite is useful for connecting the Galaxy smartphone to PC and transfer contents from one device to another etc.
Samsung Smart Change can be an easy-to-use device for relocating information to mobile phones from smartphones that are other.

Samsung Smart Switch PC suite  Features:

Samsung Smart Switch PC version is available for both Windows and Mac systems.  So here are quick features of Samsung Smart Switch PC suite.

  • Installing the USB drivers: Connecting your Galaxy device to PC through Smart Switch PC suite will install the required drivers for your device on the PC. So there is no need of searching USB drivers for your device.
  • Simple backup and restoration: With Smart Switch, you can easily back up or restore your data with simple steps.
  • Data synchronisation: This feature allows you to synchronise your contacts and your schedule between your devices with Windows Outlook or Mac Address Book and iCal.
    With this smart function, you can easily manage your schedule any time, anywhere.
  • Device software update: Updating your Galaxy smartphone with Smart Switch Pc version is very easy. Just connect your device to PC through USB cable. If any update is available, it will show the update and install if you need it.
Many people don't now how to use Samsung Smart Switch. They connect to their pc and dont know theirs phone mobel numbers. So here to know your phone mobel number check this List of Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Model Numbers. Have a look at that and have know your mobile model number.

Some More Awesome Features of Samsung Smart Switch is as follows:

Seamless, timesaving Content Transport:

Other information transport instruments are frustrating. Smart Switch supplies a basic, doit-yourself migration instrument as possible deploy athome. And never having to employ numerous tools with Smart Change, you can transport your personal information, media and programs with one support.
Straightforward, doit-Yourself

With Smart Switch’s Easy To-use, exchange resource that is perceptive content, you've the freedom to change from additional smartphone programs without anxiety about shedding your own personal information. You'll be able to move personalized information and programs from the ease of your own residence and at your time.

Keep Control of One's Lifestyle:

A lot of people are unaware of the galaxy of available on Samsung smartphones that are apps. For example, you will find over 700,000 apps on Google Play. Through this big universe of programs, Wise Transition helps so that you do not have to search for them separately you find your favorite apps. Intelligent Move gives the peace-of-mind your applications have been transported to you.

Free-Content Transfer Service, Easy Download:

Merely Click Obtain and Go: Intelligent Change is up and running in moments, allowing you to shift information simply sufficient reason for zero cost or costs.

Enhance your Samsung Galaxy cellphone with information move that is easy and fast:

Smart Switch Cell offers you fastest, the easiest and best solution to transport info from your own outdated to new Universe smartphone. You'll be able to transport content such as music, video memos, communications, contacts, other along with calendar documents stashed inside your telephone.

What's New:
  • Mac version updated to 4.0
For PC:
Intelligent Transition Mobile allows you to move info between phones that are UNIVERSE easily. Location the devices close-together (within 20cm), open the applying in both phones and touch Connect key on just one of the products. You can simply download samsung smart switch for pc for free from the below process. You can immediately shift your individual data between GALAXY devices.

In case you are looking to switch from a non- Samsung device to some supported Samsung product, please make use of the "Intelligent Switch PC" that's software. For more information, go to below.
Supported GALAXY Device:
  • Electronics: Universe S7, Galaxy S7 Side, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Active, Galaxy-S6 Border Plus, Galaxy S2, S2-HD, S3, S3-mini, S4, S4-mini, S4-Active, S4-Gain, Initial, Notice 1, Notice 2, Notice 3, Notice 8.0, Notice 10.1, Fantastic, Show, R model, Super, Universe Tab3(7.8,10), Universe Tab2(10)
  • Software: top Android OS ICS(4.0)

Supported Info:

  • Contact Memo, Information, Photography, Audio, Movie, Record, Application Record, Picture, S-Health WIFI Setting,,Narrative cd, Lockscreen, Call records
  • (Picture,S Health,Narrative recording, Lockscreen, Contact records, WIFI environment can be found from OS JellyBeanPlus(4.2)) Document type - FILE,DOCX,PPT,PPTX,XLS,XLSX,PDF,HWP,GUL
  • Constraint
  • Unsupported field
  • Contact - Message alert, Ringer, structure that is Vibration
  • Schedule - S - Graphic, Alert, Class
  • MMS does not exchange determined by devices.
  • Local Info Solely (Google & Samsung Consideration data doesn't transported.)
  • After the WIFI of the additional unit is connected try if that will not focus on Universe OS model.    
This request employs high-frequency audio to ascertain a link between gadgets. You might not have the ability to connect if the application isn't available or perhaps the key isn't utilized on a single of the devices, or if a pair of perhaps a Bluetooth headset or eaphones is connected to the device.